Which is the right mattress for babies, toddlers, children and teenagers?

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Many parents worry about which mattress best suits their child. Parents of newborns, of course, want to do everything right.

What is the right baby mattress?

Baby mattresses can be 120 × 60 cm or 140 × 70 cm in size. Most cots are 70 × 140 cm and travel costs 60 × 120 cm. Both sizes are perfectly fine.

Of course, the mattresses are even smaller for the classic bassinet.

Often we are asked which mattress is right for a baby and our answer is amazing. For a baby, a normal cold foam mattress with a washable terry cover is sufficient. The cold foam should be pollutant-free, but this should apply to all mattresses.

Mattresses with coconut or latex, mattresses from organic “cultivation” or specially advertised baby mattresses are pure money making. It is generated with parents’ fear of doing something wrong, profit.

If you land at about 130$ to 170$when buying your baby mattress, that’s a good price range. Then the mattress is sufficiently breathable and provides a good sleeping pad.

What strength should a baby mattress have?

The mattress must never be too tight. Just like adults, too much pressure on the joints and muscles is the enemy of good sleep. Baby mattresses are about 10 cm high, which generally prevents too deep sinking. Therefore it may be a soft execution. However, you should not cover the mattress with blankets or the like to achieve the right softness. This inhibits the ventilation and is also not optimal for the child. Find outwhats a good mattress for lower back pain.

Which bed size at which height or at what age?

Just listen to your child. When it comes to getting a larger bed, your child will tell you. The classic cots give child protection. It cannot fall out and feels safe. From the 3/4 age can be thought about a normal 90 × 200 cm bed. However, you should first change the bed size, if the child really wants it. Until then, it may be quiet 140 × 70 cm.