Various choices in terms of foam:

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With our special mattresses, you have beside the shape of various choices in terms of foam, size, hardness and the cover.

1) foams

For the foams, you can choose between mattresses with a core of cold foam, visco foam or a combination of the two. Here are the special features of these two high-quality foams in a short overview:

Cold foam

  • adapts very well to the body
  • has a great point elasticity
  • long life, around 10 years
  • quick adjustment when changing the lying position
  • no disturbing noises
  • very breathable
  • without flammable additive or cover easily inflammable

Visco foam

  • Adheres to the body better than any other mattress
  • optimal pressure relief, therefore no pressure points
  • especially good for back problems
  • no disturbing noises
  • only slow adaptation when changing position
  • Ventilation ducts are important, otherwise, there will be heat accumulation

The combination of the two combines the advantages of the two foams, so the core of cold foam ensures good breathability and air circulation, while the visco foam guarantees a perfect feeling of lying and pressure points no chance. The cold foam core also supports the positive properties of the viscose layer by its own point and support elasticity.

2) The degree of hardness

With our mattresses and special sizes, you have the choice between the degrees of hardness H2 (soft) to H5 (very firm). The hardness of the mattress depends on the type of use. In addition, your own body weight should be taken into consideration, because the heavier you are, the higher the degree of hardness should be so that the mattress can put enough pressure on the load.

3) The reference

The mattress cover must be very breathable and able to absorb moisture. Here we offer covers made of terry and lyocell.

Terry reference

  • very good absorbency
  • pleasant surface
  • proven for a long time and gladly used

Lyocell reference

  • Produced very environmentally friendly, consists of cellulose
  • not sensitive to soiling
  • Optics similar to silk
  • good moisture transport
  • dries very fast

The well-proven terrycloth cover has been competing with the modern and environmentally friendly lyocell cover. A cover made of Lyocell costs a little more than one made of terry cloth, but its features convince as well. Are you looking for the longest lasting mattress? You can see them from our website.