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Father Robert Ballecer has a long history of misdeeds. In the video above from his hosting of Security NowFather Robert Ballecer tells another self-disproving whopper. Five bitcoins has never even been close to an actual block reward. Right now, the reward is Boy he does lie with a very smooth like his shaveddays-ago face perhaps? Dunno never looked that closely. Might get me a little further in my life. The shows start on tim and he keeps the ball moving. It has highlighted just how bad Leo is.

It is true he is also human and humans make mistakes. At least for the recorded shows. Always droning on about crap he arguably never did. He has a visible reaction, so he knew it was bullshit on the spot and let it go. The whole point of a dedicated NAS is high reliability network storage. This almost always means some form of RAID. In the event of disk failure, you put a new disk in and the Synology software will rebuild it.

What are the odds on disks like a WD Red that is specifically designed and tested for reliability? Hell, shit the bed. Spinrite would be still cranking away years later today on a 1TB red.

He commits all the sins of accepting unverified anecdotes as gospel that he mocks in liberal arts degree holders.

Enough of this shit. Happy to watch its spiraling decay as that cunt Lisa gulls Leo via his uxorious delusion and leaves him penniless with a younger man. It continually disappoints me to twit triangulation bitcoin value TWiT still exists in any form in Leo is the same thing.

They are a match and nobody has any reason to care. The network is BS. He never shuts up, twit triangulation bitcoin value Jesuits tried two months silence to generate some humility but no.

Sure, in the past year Bitcoin has surged twit triangulation bitcoin value so you might think of holding and seeing how far it rises. This is the same podcast padreJS claim paraphrase: I twit triangulation bitcoin value not seen big changes, just the usual flow.

It is fine when a friend says this to you in a pub, but making these claims on a podcast where the SG been working for years to get peoples trust is discouraging. I can stand this phoney being on the podcast once a year, but with all the vacation lately I have to listen to his lies regularly.

You are defined by the friends you choose. At least this raised annoyance unlike the banal blather twit triangulation bitcoin value was the rest of his contribution. You know that each SN with PSJ will begin with giggling hilarity that there are still security problems. Later there will be the mention that he thought we had reached the depths of security twit triangulation bitcoin value.

Later still will be the brag that he knows that security problems will always be with us. Bless that twit triangulation bitcoin value forward button. Riggggght, looking into the dark web LOL — Bobblehead and his inept enterprise tech. One thing you will find out if you stalk old retired engineers is that they usually twit triangulation bitcoin value not short on cash.

Not rich, but definately not strapped. Especially someone of his age. SQRL is never going to see the light of day and nor is a Spinrite update. Is there genuinely anyone that believes these things will even make it to completion? I think tech news today was cancelled and now he is only paying them for tech news weekly.

A decision made by advertisers? There was also a terribly sad shot of the lone audience member. Before the truth feed he went on about how strong his advertisers were but you could see it was just a front.

Maybe there will be two shows? But they said it will appear in the tnt feed? It was a good run, he started in like I doubt DTNS is doing well either.

Or the brian and Justin guys. I heard patreon is getting an IPO. I assume you are referring to Scott Wilkinson. I always thought this would be one of the last shows to end on TWiT.

Apparently this just happened as the Google cache from yesterday, Oct 1 https: You think Scott is still going to show up on Theeeee Tech Guy???? While I hold no candle for the fat self-satisfied prick, I must point out that had his Optomium server been part of a pool, partial payouts are the norm.

Way to make it confusing for your audience when they search for your podcast in iTunes, etc. I tried to watch it once, but it was super boring, and while I wish no ill twit triangulation bitcoin value Scott, his voice and constant cackling grates on your ears.

Know How is also getting cut from two shows a week to one. I actually forgot they released two episodes a week. I vaguely remember the news surrounding it when they cancelled Coding But it went way down hill after Iyaz left. I stopped watching when it became the drone show. Because he works twit triangulation bitcoin value hard. Seems the business is on life support and he will sooner or later pull the plug and just do the radio show at the weekends — and maybe the TWiT weekly round table.

Try this for instance, Douglas Trumbull —. I saw the pre-show twit triangulation bitcoin value TWiT before knowing about the cancellations. Especially to the live audience, those people love him, he lies directly to them. TNT was a top two show on the network before Mike Elgan. I trace this downfall to firing Tom Merit.

It all came from there. Twit triangulation bitcoin value paved the way for NSFW to follow the money and leave. Sarah had no one left so she took an outside job. Iyaz left that same week Tom did.

I mean it was a blood bath. Especially to the live audience, those people love him, he lies directlyto them. To be far, Mike Elgan tried to save that show in his own way. It is a shame that the rest of the world, along with CeHo and Leo, never gave Mike the time that he needed to bloom as one might imagine Brian Williams was born. There are probably a few back office twit triangulation bitcoin value too.

Surprisingly crass even for him. Someone on Twitter was surprised too. Please twit triangulation bitcoin value faith, this is a rebuilding period. Do I get a badge? I check in here every few months to see the end. So far have been disappointed.

Ballecer is a liar. And loves his toys. Twit triangulation bitcoin value much so he will do almost anything. More interestingly, starting next week, Leo will be working four days most weeks, with one five day week per month when he hosts Triangulation. How many small business owners work part-time? Your email address will not be published. Burn in hell you fat pig! A 12 bay NAS.

Here is when the content of the website goes down the tubes. He is truly a goof. You are all missing the point.

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The network began operation in April with the launch of This Week in Tech. Security Now was the second podcast on the network, debuting in August of that year. The logo design originated from a traditional logic gate symbol of an " AND gate " turned on its side. Voiceovers are provided by Jim Cutler. TWiT's netcasts are centered around technology and technology news. Hosts of the shows are usually experts in certain fields, either by working in the field itself or by being a journalist covering the field.

At the beginning of , there were 27 podcasts produced by TWiT, [6] but that was cut to only 22 shows in TWiT further cut their field of self-produced shows by nearly twenty percent in late Among the shows cut were Coding , which was replaced with a second weekly episode of Know How. Before You Buy was also dropped, with its last episode being produced on December 18, Nathan Olivarez-Giles was brought in as a co-host and producer in March [9] , with the prospect of developing new shows including an automotive-related podcast [10].

By July, no new shows were developed, and Olivarez-Giles was unceremoniously dropped from the network. In May , Android App Arena was also dropped. All the shows are available free to watch or download from the TWiT. This Week in Tech Episode on May 8, had extensive talk about podcast revenue. In May , Twitter announced that it would deliver original video content on its platform.

TWiT tried to informally resolve the trademark issue, and in January filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Twitter. In March Twitter filed a motion to dismiss. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the netcast, see This Week in Tech. The neutrality of this section is disputed. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Please do not remove this message until conditions to do so are met. April Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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Schwartz Paul Thurrott Gina Trapani. Retrieved from " https: TWiT establishments in California Internet properties established in Television channels and stations established in American broadcasters Companies based in Sonoma County, California Petaluma, California Podcasting companies Internet television channels.

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