Which is the right mattress for babies, toddlers, children and teenagers?

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Many parents worry about which mattress best suits their child. Parents of newborns, of course, want to do everything right.

What is the right baby mattress?

Baby mattresses can be 120 × 60 cm or 140 × 70 cm in size. Most cots are 70 × 140 cm and travel costs 60 × 120 cm. Both sizes are perfectly fine.

Of course, the mattresses are even smaller for the classic bassinet.

Often we are asked which mattress is right for a baby and our answer is amazing. For a baby, a normal cold foam mattress with a washable terry cover is sufficient. The cold foam should be pollutant-free, but this should apply to all mattresses.

Mattresses with coconut or latex, mattresses from organic “cultivation” or specially advertised baby mattresses are pure money making. It is generated with parents’ fear of doing something wrong, profit.

If you land at about 130$ to 170$when buying your baby mattress, that’s a good price range. Then the mattress is sufficiently breathable and provides a good sleeping pad.

What strength should a baby mattress have?

The mattress must never be too tight. Just like adults, too much pressure on the joints and muscles is the enemy of good sleep. Baby mattresses are about 10 cm high, which generally prevents too deep sinking. Therefore it may be a soft execution. However, you should not cover the mattress with blankets or the like to achieve the right softness. This inhibits the ventilation and is also not optimal for the child. Find outwhats a good mattress for lower back pain.

Which bed size at which height or at what age?

Just listen to your child. When it comes to getting a larger bed, your child will tell you. The classic cots give child protection. It cannot fall out and feels safe. From the 3/4 age can be thought about a normal 90 × 200 cm bed. However, you should first change the bed size, if the child really wants it. Until then, it may be quiet 140 × 70 cm.

Sleep on your back and Sleep on the side

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1. Sleep on your back

Sleeping on your back is one of the better sleeping postures. About 20% of the population sleeps on their backs. When sleeping on your back it is important to support the natural S-shaped curvature of the back.


  • The body assumes the most natural posture.
  • The weight is distributed to the whole body and supported.
  • Fewer wrinkles, because no pressure on the facial skin is exercised.


Do you fall into a hollow cross? Put a pillow under your knees. This reduces the tension in the backbone.

The pressure points of a back-sleeper are mainly in the area of ​​hips, buttocks, and shoulders. It is important that the vertebrae maintain their natural shape. Your mattress must not be too hard or too soft for this.

A back sleeper should use a pillow that is not too thick or too thick, preferably a down or feather pillow. These pillows are comfortable and flexible. So you get the ideal support. Read more on thebest-mattress.org.

2. Sleep on the side

Over 75% of all people sleep on the site. When sleeping on the side, it is important that the spine forms a straight line. Make sure your body can maintain a natural curvature and support in the right places.


  • Reduces the risk of snoring and sleep apnea.
  • Reduces stomach acid.
  • Little pressure on the lower back.


Sleeping on the left side prevents stomach acid and improves blood circulation.

In side-sleepers, the pressure points are in the range of shoulders, hips, and knees. For a side sleeper, a slightly softer mattress is suitable so that the contours can be intercepted and supported.

Since a side sleeper lies on his shoulder, the neck comes in a crooked position. The pillow of a side sleeper needs to be a little bit fuller so that the vertebrae form a straight line. The ideal pillow is a memory foam pillow, a fuller down or feather pillow or a latex pillow that keeps your head from sinking too low.

Slatted floors with integrated shoulder inset ensure that the largest pressure point of side sleepers, the shoulders, can sink deeper.

How can a waterbed help with rheumatism?

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Waterbeds are not available for very long. In the nineteenth century, the first waterbed was developed to reduce or even prevent the development of bedsores in hospital and rehabilitation patients.

It turned out to be a success. Of course, the waterbed of today looks different than the first waterbed. But the starting points are still the same: the right support and high comfort. So a waterbed can have many benefits for people with rheumatic disease. These are the most important ones:

  • You can heat a waterbed. This is pleasant for joint and muscle problems because heat relaxes and so can relieve muscle and joint pain. Do you suffer from inflammatory pain? Then you can, of course, set the temperature lower.
  • You have no problems with pressure pain or sagging. The pressure distribution is optimal for a waterbed.
  • A waterbed is individual: you can adjust the hardness, stability and temperature yourself.

A waterbed can be a good choice if you have a rheumatic disease. However, it is important that you choose a waterbed that suits your wishes, needs and any movement restrictions. See below for more information.

Choose a waterbed?

Turning, sitting and getting up can sometimes be a real challenge for people with a rheumatic condition. If a waterbed then also “moves” vigorously, that is particularly tiring. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a water mattress with severe stabilization if you have rheumatism. In a more heavily stabilized waterbed, you also have extra lumbar support that supports a natural posture.

With a double waterbed, you can choose stabilization for each side and adjust the temperature. Your partner can also tailor his / her page to your own preferences.

Although hard side waterbeds are almost unobtainable, we recommend a softside waterbed. The foam rubber cover makes it easy to get in and out of a soft side waterbed. Now go to our site to find outhow much does a tempurpedic mattress cost.

Do you need help or advice?

We are happy to help you make the right decision. In a detailed consultation, we discuss the options with you and find out together which bed suits you best and your personal situation.

Come by for a try-out in our showroom, and you will receive personal advice from our experts. Contact us today or ask your question in the responses.

Various choices in terms of foam:

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With our special mattresses, you have beside the shape of various choices in terms of foam, size, hardness and the cover.

1) foams

For the foams, you can choose between mattresses with a core of cold foam, visco foam or a combination of the two. Here are the special features of these two high-quality foams in a short overview:

Cold foam

  • adapts very well to the body
  • has a great point elasticity
  • long life, around 10 years
  • quick adjustment when changing the lying position
  • no disturbing noises
  • very breathable
  • without flammable additive or cover easily inflammable

Visco foam

  • Adheres to the body better than any other mattress
  • optimal pressure relief, therefore no pressure points
  • especially good for back problems
  • no disturbing noises
  • only slow adaptation when changing position
  • Ventilation ducts are important, otherwise, there will be heat accumulation

The combination of the two combines the advantages of the two foams, so the core of cold foam ensures good breathability and air circulation, while the visco foam guarantees a perfect feeling of lying and pressure points no chance. The cold foam core also supports the positive properties of the viscose layer by its own point and support elasticity.

2) The degree of hardness

With our mattresses and special sizes, you have the choice between the degrees of hardness H2 (soft) to H5 (very firm). The hardness of the mattress depends on the type of use. In addition, your own body weight should be taken into consideration, because the heavier you are, the higher the degree of hardness should be so that the mattress can put enough pressure on the load.

3) The reference

The mattress cover must be very breathable and able to absorb moisture. Here we offer covers made of terry and lyocell.

Terry reference

  • very good absorbency
  • pleasant surface
  • proven for a long time and gladly used

Lyocell reference

  • Produced very environmentally friendly, consists of cellulose
  • not sensitive to soiling
  • Optics similar to silk
  • good moisture transport
  • dries very fast

The well-proven terrycloth cover has been competing with the modern and environmentally friendly lyocell cover. A cover made of Lyocell costs a little more than one made of terry cloth, but its features convince as well. Are you looking for the longest lasting mattress? You can see them from our website.

Why there is a different mattress size for heavy peoples?

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Are you looking for a brand-new model which fits best for your body weight? Are you an overweight person? Do you feel that your old mattress is not comfortable for your heavyweight? In this situation, it is a good option if you start searching for a new mattress according to your weight.

Mostly, it happens that people always prefer a traditional mattress for them. Though, it is not necessary that a similar mattress will provide the same level of support to everyone. It is important to consider some factors for investing in a mattress which fits best for a heavyweight person. It is a need that the mattress remains firm in order to hold the body weight easily. The softer versions are not considered suitable for overweight people. Since, if an overweight person lies down on a soft surface, then he or she is likely to sink inside the mattress. The behavior of every mattress is different depending upon the body weight of the person to choose the best mattress for heavier individuals.

The mattress must be steadier to balance the whole weight of your body. If your weight is lighter, then your mattress should be soft. To get proper support from the mattress, the weight of your body needs to catch with the springs. With the proper size and material of the mattress, so that you can get the absolute support in all areas of your body.

A person with less weight on a soft mattress is not suitable to appoint the springs, because the springs will not get pressed, which not give a sleeper proper will support. If your weight is too much and you are sleeping on a soft mattress, then you are engrossed in the springs of the mattress too much, so eventually, the springs will not able to give support. The most comfortable mattress means everything when it comes to sleep.

Everyone has a beautiful relationship with their bed but also wants everyone to sleep on a spacious mattress. If you are going to have kids, friends or maybe sibling in your house, then somehow you will feel the lack of space on the bed while sleeping. So be careful during buying a mattress, always consider a mattress with good space so that you will never feel uncomfortable. You may never hesitate to invite friends and family to your place due to insufficient space for sleeping.

Get great comfort of sleep with gentle massage comfort from mattress

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There are people that are still experiencing the snoring, back pain, neck pain or that are uncomfortable with their sleep. It is time for such people to get aware of the new revolutionary mattresses that are available in the market and has been adopted by millions of people all over the world. It is gel memory foam mattress that is having unique features that are specially designed for the human body comfort. The gel that is used id especially helpful for the people that are facing neck or back pain. The mattress has the features to keep the body very relaxed and experience the proper and very perfect experience of sleep. The gel is used for giving the best relief massage to the human body. You are going to experience best way of relaxing body and get reenergized.

Numerous of features will let you experience the best relief and perfect rest for your body. There are numerous of reliable sites that are providing the facility of purchasing such important item from their site. The increase of customers has provided the great offer by many reliable sites. There are great offers that are available on every type of models and designs of memory foam mattress. Like other thousands of people you can be also one of the best healthy sleep people. There are sites that are also offering free trial of such quality mattress. It will be great benefit for your life time if you have such mattress for your comfort.

It is specially designed for all types of people that like to experience best relaxation for their body. But it is also best for the people that are facing pain of neck or pain at their back. The mattress is useful for those that are facing snoring problem. All the respiratory system becomes normal with such mattress. The body will have the best massage with the gel that will sure make you have great sleep and wake up fresh on the very next day. You can make or buy such mattresses from reliable site that can help you to have best saving like free delivery along with great discount offer.

Basic shoulder exercises to avoid painful condition during the night!

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With a proper schedule timing of sleep, it becomes helpful to release from pressure or heavy weight from your body joints. If you’re avoiding sleep for one or two days, then you might fall in a troubling situation. Are you having sleepless nights? Do you avoid sleep for a couple of days? Have you followed a routine schedule for sleep or not? It is an essential thing to maintain a routine schedule for sleep-time. Without such a plan, it is not possible to reach a relieving situation.  

A human body needs a proper amount of rest during the entire day. Without rest, the body can’t work on the next day or doesn’t get the energy to perform the physical activities swiftly. If you’re following a balanced diet and avoiding your sleeping hours, then you might feel bad health conditions. Though, it is even a great challenge for the people suffering from painful conditions. It is also a major cause for restless nights. The shoulder pain from sleeping on side occurs due to this situation.

Perform some shoulder-relaxing activities and exercises

Keep proper timing to reach your bed early and sleep for a proper duration of time. It is a great way to feel relaxed in the situation of shoulder pain from sleeping on the side. You can drink any herbal tea before sleeping, which will be relaxing for your mind and body. Some of the shoulder-relaxing activities are mentioned below:

Start with the stretching exercises

The beginners must start with the basic stretching, which is really helpful for relieving from a painful situation. The muscle stiffness is a severe condition which affects human health. If you’re feeling soreness in your shoulder when you wake up, then you might feel it severely in case you’re a side sleeper. Start stretching your arm and shoulder for about 30 seconds in the beginning.

Retractions your chin in a backward position

Sit in a neutral posture which is relaxing for you. Now, try to retract your chin in a completely backward position. Stay for some seconds and then come back to your actual position.

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